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On August 22nd, 2019 we enjoyed a wonderful 56th class reunion at the historic and recently renovated Knudsen Park located in Holladay, Utah.

We had about 120 attend and all had a wonderful time reliving all the old days at Olympus High School. We were entertained by Wayne Egan on the piano and Darrell Moench on the drums and a musician on the base. We enjoyed the new format for the reunions which has no program, no buffet, just renewing old acquaintances and enjoying each other’s company. We intend to hold reunions each year on the 2nd Thursday of August at the same place, Knudsen Park in Holladay, so plan your schedule for August 13, 2020. Click on a classmate to enlarge the image!

Tom Brown Jacquie Davis
Ed Hayes (Jill
Hanks husband)
Jack Atkins Doug Wimmer Jill Hanks Hayes Garr Ovard
Jan Gatherum Lohmoelder,
Lauri McCreary,
Judy Engh Peterson,
Betsy McCreary
Bob Britian's wife, Bob Britian Wayne Egan
at Piano, Darrell Moench on
drums and their bass player
Jack Atkins in
Sheryl Langton Pearson in foreground, John Whiacker in  background, Carrie Egbert, LuAnn Melville Jensen, Connie Bain Furstenau Dick Furstenar, Bob Willardson, Bill Reed Not sure

Each year there are fewer of us to attend, so spend some time during the next year looking for and renewing old friendships and letting us know missing classmate's email addresses so we can include them in the activity. Check the “missing classmates” link on the website .

A huge THANKS for a wonderful, successful, fun 55th reunion August 10th, 2017!
A special thanks to everyone on the Reunion Committee!
And Thank You, Olympus High, for letting us use your wonderful new building!

Bob Richmond has put together a video showing highlights from the reunion:

55th Reunion 2017

The Reunion Committee wishes it could better express its thanks and friendship
 to each of you, but just know we really do love each of you....
that is what Olympus is about.

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