Olympus High School Class of 1962
55th Reunion 2017 at the NEW Olympus High School

Greetings Classmates! 

I have made the selections and am sending you only the photos for you to post on our class website.  The link here will allow you to easily download the photos.  The linked album contains 101 photos, and a video made up of all 101 photos, put to music.  I think it would be nice to make both the individual photos and the video available on the website.  I think the single stills are good for people to scan or look for someone specific.  I think also some people will find the 10 minute video version to be more compelling to see everyone and feel some emotion with it. 

https://goo.gl/photos/PHZHRSbzJgWFK8JQ6  is the album as described above. 

I have also posted the video version on my Youtube channel.  Easy enough to insert this link on the website. 


Please confirm you have received this mail.  When you have these on olympus1962.org, let me know and I will gladly test the experience on the site.  Are you also going to post some of the video and photos you shot?  

Thanks, Bob Richmond