Olympus High School Class of 1962
35th Reunion 1997

1997-02 Reunion Video

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Doug Wimmer and his old friend
Bob Willardson and his wife Photo20.jpg (16939 bytes)
Photo22.jpg (45114 bytes) Watching the entertainment?
Who is the guy with all the gals? Photo23.jpg (42549 bytes)
Photo24.jpg (10332 bytes) Piano Man

Jerry Debenham with his Wife Terry

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Photo26.jpg (32918 bytes) A group of old friends
1997 Reunion Committee Photo33.jpg (48770 bytes)
Photo32.jpg (24493 bytes) Gaye Anne Harris (England)
Joan Barber Hayes and husband Phil Photo35.jpg (25407 bytes)
Photo212.jpg (27615 bytes) Joey Frank & golf buddies
Loren Basch Photo214.jpg (9321 bytes)
Photo215.jpg (28952 bytes) LuAnn Melville & friends
Linda, Darrell & Jose Photo216.jpg (26460 bytes)
John Whitaker
Lowell Baggeley Photo218.jpg (6710 bytes)
Photo219.jpg (45668 bytes) Reunion reception
Sandra Hagman Photo220.jpg (8378 bytes)
Photo221.jpg (12058 bytes) John Durham & Bill Peterson
Gary Thompson & wife Photo222.jpg (12350 bytes)
Photo223.jpg (19724 bytes) Carol & John Drummand
Linda Worsley Nolan Photo224.jpg (6298 bytes)
Photo225.jpg (16152 bytes) Lauri & Sandy McCreary
Sharon, Sherry & Craig Photo226.jpg (20691 bytes)
Photo227.jpg (39234 bytes) Shanna & Dave Hansen
The Cowboys Photo228.jpg (20578 bytes)
Photo229.jpg (10214 bytes) Lynda Gerstner
Jack Adkins Photo230.jpg (8073 bytes)

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