Olympus High School Class of 1962
25th Reunion 1987

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 Wow, what a group!
Jacquie Davis & "The Car" Photo195.jpg (52345 bytes)
Photo196.jpg (6003 bytes) Photo197.jpg (22079 bytes) Rick Battison

The dinner party

Jill Hanks

Lowell, Dick & Connie

Photo199.jpg (6047 bytes) Photo200.jpg (11829 bytes)
Photo198.jpg (25625 bytes) More dinner
Lauri McCreary & friends

Mr. Furstenau

Photo201.jpg (18455 bytes) Photo203.jpg (15416 bytes)
Photo202.jpg (18526 bytes) Shanna Bess & friends
Jerry & Terry Debenham Photo1.jpg (31381 bytes) 

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25th Year Reunion Book