Join Us for Reunions Every Year Now!

We have the site of the class reunion set: August 22nd, 2019, 4pm to 8pm at the historic and recently renovated Knudsen Park located immediately south of the intersection of 6200 S. and Holladay Boulevard in Holladay, Utah. We will now have class reunions every year on the 4th Thursday of August.

Bring your own food. There will be dessert and bottled water there. Please don't bring alcoholic drinks. Live music will be provided by the Alpine Jazz Trio with Wayne Egan, Darrell Moench, and Nick Watson. Check them out at:

Email if you are definitely planning to come.

Want to do some golfing with high school friends? Meet at Murray Parkway Golf Course at 10AM, Wednesday, August 21st, the day
before the reunion. Call Shanna at
801-277-6315 to reserve a spot.

The long-gestating Knudsen Park — located at the end of Holladay Boulevard beyond Cotton Bottom and Franck’s — is progressing toward its grand opening in May, 2019. Just over $3 million is the park’s budget. Amenities for the park include a nature area, playground, trails, water play space, grass space and a wooden drawbridge. “It’s gonna to be a cool spot,” Mayor Rob Dahle said, adding it will probably surprise people how much use it gets. “I think the public is going to be very happy and surprised when they see what a great park it’ll be.”

A huge THANKS for a wonderful, successful, fun 55th reunion August 10th, 2017!
A special thanks to everyone on the Reunion Committee!
And Thank You, Olympus High, for letting us use your wonderful new building!

Bob Richmond has put together a video showing highlights from the reunion:

55th Reunion 2017

The Reunion Committee wishes it could better express its thanks and friendship
 to each of you, but just know we really do love each of you....
that is what Olympus is about.

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